About Sarah Sativa CBD!

Sarah Sativa CBD is a range of products designed and made to the highest standards,  it has been set up by me Sarah Dougan and I have been looking and researching into the benefits of cannabinoids since 2003.  I have always been fascinated into the health of people and herbal medicine. Throughout my journey I have been visiting Spain regularly to be in a position to physically work with cannabis, I have over 2 decades of experience so I know my stuff. I have seen so many people benefit from the use of cannabinoids and have shared accurate information using the knowledge I have gained. I thrive on keeping my products as affordable as possible made from organic produce, the aim is to bring you a good quality products with the option of making your own.

About Me and My Team

The Plant All This Fuss is about Cannabis

I am a bachelor of science and have used this knowledge and my years of researching cannabinoids to bring you the best natural products possible. I have made it my mission to deliver the best produce available using only the finest ingredients. All of our products have clear labels showing the exact contents and are tested independently, This includes the cannabinoid profile with a certificate of analysis of each batch for every product on the website.

I have been pushing for testing on all cannabis products since 2013 and have written articles as to why this is so important, I have learnt so much about this plant from growing to the different delivery methods used for safe and effective consumption by humans. In this time I have realised that you never stop learning, when it comes to this amazing plant. I love cannabis, I love learning about it and seeing the difference my products make to people and their lives. I eat sleep and breath cannabis, It has literally become my life, my passion, and my love.

It is important to understand and listen to your own body it is essential to know what it requires in order to function happily and healthily. Taking responsibility for your own health and finding the ‘sweet dose’ that is right for you can provide many wonderful benefits internally and externally. Getting to know your body allows for natural responses and life-changing outcomes. The earlier changes that are recognised within the body, the better likeliness of positive treatment. The fascination and contribution of science into the evolution and enhancement of cannabis has opened many new doors for further research, and this is one of our many passions.

I have travelled to different parts of Europe and the UK giving talks and presentations on cannabinoids, I run workshops in and around the local area sharing information and educating people on the science and research. I have met and spoken to many people from all over the globe who share the same passion for the development and use of cannabis with an aim of reintroducing it into our food chain.

Meet the Team

This is Ria, she has a masters degree in criminology and a bachelors in social science, she has experience with education and data collection into research and is also my personal assistant. Ria helps me with my private members cannabis club in Spain and is fascinated by the use and development of cannabinoids through medical science and popularity through socialism.

As part of our work Ria will be writing regular blogs, updates and research proposals on all the latest science and psychology of cannabinoids as Sarah Sativa grows, she will be assisting with organising workshops and providing valuable information and education to those who require it. Ria assists with social bridging, guidance and support at Sarah Sativa to offer excellent customer support, advice and changes concerning cannabinoids.

Ria brings a new spark and energy into the Sarah Sativa team!

Sarah Haze is a freelance cannabis writer working in the Barcelona cannabis community since 2016. Also a long-time personal friend of Sarah Sativa; she often lends her writing skills to help promote this hard-working and genuine small business! Sarah also writes educational articles for sites like Dank, RXleaf and many more. Much of her work is dedicated to teaching and advocating the incredible benefits of cannabis. Originally from Washington DC, Sarah lives in Barcelona with her husband and dog.

We pride ourselves on educating people about the benefits of cannabis as a whole and for it to be made available for everyone who needs or requires it to promote the safe use and consumption. We feel the use of clearly labelled products with warning, ratios and percentages of cannabinoids which are prepared in a monitored environment can help lower a lot of the issues and stigma concerned within the illegal market.

We believe that women have a strong standpoint within the cannabis community at Sarah Sativa and encourage their growth and participation through dedicated, passion and love. We understand as women ourselves how intimidating the market can seem and we want women as well as everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds to feel welcome and to thrive without prejudice or judgement.

As well as our amazing products we offer advice, guidance and support, we really appreciate your feedback and any way you feel we could improve or add to our range.

Please contact us if you are interested via the website contact form or through email, for further interest go to the the blogs section of our website.

Social Media

We run a social media page containing all of our products from CBG to CBD, you can find us on instagram, facebook and TikTok, YouTube we provide the latest information and updates on all things cannabis.

You can also keep up to date on what we’re up too and where we will be next, our pages offer lots of valuable education to raise awareness, as well as promotions and competitions. At Sarah Sativa we are passionate about knowledge and offer podcasts on cannabis, we also work with wholesalers to build long-term secure relationships.

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Are Sarah Sativa CBD products legal?

The short answer to that is YES and here is why…

As we use Broad Spectrum CBD as well as isolates, its vital that we know how much THC is in each of our products, we do this via independent testing. By getting each batch tested we can assure we are within the legal limit of 0.01% Please refer to CBD Frequently Asked Questions page on the website for more details


All post is sent from the UK to national customers and the rest of Europe from Spain. We offer free postage which is tracked and traced which usually takes 3 working days on average, an extra cost option is available for quicker delivery.

All our products are posted the same day if the order is placed before 3pm, free delivery is 2nd class tracked only. If you want your product faster you can pay extra for 1st class next day delivery must be ordered before 3pm.

We accept returns but only if product reaches you in an unsatisfactory condition, the product has to be returned to the correct return address. Please email the correct department beforehand and explain the issue, we will confirm if the return will be accepted. It is important to not that returns are only valid up until 14 days after purchase with proof.