CBG Nano Spray 500mg


CBG is the perfect addition to your wellness ritual that will take your cannabinoid supplement routine to a whole new level. CBG works great as a standalone supplement, but even better in combination with CBD!

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Our CBG nano spray is made using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction to create a spotless and powerful end product. Our products are made from organic, USA-grown hemp and rigorously tested for strength and quality.

CBG can be used as part of your normal supplement routine, both on its own and in combination with CBD supplements.


CBG Isolate 500 mg


lemon, lime


Each spray delivers 10mg CBG

3-4 sprays under the tongue per day


  • CBG can interact with other medications. If you are taking medication with a “grapefruit warning” on the label, consult your doctor before adding CBD to your regimen

  • CBG can have mild side effects including dry mouth, diarrhea and fatigue. If you experience these symptoms discontinue use. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

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