Top 10 Reasons People Use CBD

There has been a lot of talk about CBD over the last decade or so, but plenty on confusing information too. What does CBD actually do, and what are reasons people use CBD?

Starting in the early 2000s with the discovery that CBD was a serious treatment for certain forms of epilepsy and the media attention that discovery garnered, it has taken hemp and CBD from being seen as “alternative” into a multi-billion dollar global industry. The benefits of CBD are real, and the world can’t help but pay attention.

We assessed customer feedback to give you the top 10 reasons people use CBD products.

1) Anxiety

One of the top benefits of using CBD is its stress-reducing effect. If you suffer from anxiety, your
body and mind are frequently under stress. Millions of CBD users attribute using CBD regularly
to a reduction in their anxiety, or for in-the-moment relief.

2) Insomnia

Related to anxiety; insomnia is when your stressful thoughts or uncomfortable body keep you
from getting a good night’s sleep. CBD’s stress-reducing and pain-relieving properties are great
for helping with trouble sleeping as well.

3) Pain

Everyone experiences pain sometimes, and about 20% of people experience chronic pain.
Abuse of medical painkillers is a huge problem, and CBD is providing consumers with a
healthier alternative. CBD is great for helping to reduce the feeling of pain, whether it’s chronic
pain or acute pain for something like an injury.

4) As a cosmetic treatment

CBD has made a big splash in the cosmetics industry, with huge global cosmetics brands
putting out lines of CBD cosmetics, and celebrities touting their amazing qualities. The hype is
real though, because CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects and rich antioxidants makes it a great
application for skin and hair.

5) Muscle relief after exercise

Speaking of CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect, it’s really useful for athletes and active people who
get sore muscles from inflammation. The reduction in inflammation and pain relief from CBD
can make it a great alternative to pharmaceutical anti inflammatories, which can be damaging
when taken regularly.

6) Relaxation

Everyone wants to relax, but if beer isn’t your thing, CBD can be a great option to wind down
after a long day and put you in a better mood.

7) As a preventive health supplement

Reducing the stress in your body, getting a better night’s sleep, and plenty of antioxidants to
boot is a great reason for anyone to use CBD, even if you don’t have any health issues. CBD is
a great way to promote overall wellness for long term health.

8) Focused awareness throughout the day

Because of its relaxing properties, many consumers like to add CBD to their morning coffee to
take the edge off its effect and put you in a state of focused awareness that can be very

9) Skin conditions

Buyers have reported that CBD has treated their skin conditions of all types, from eczema and
psoriasis to dry skin and tattoo aftercare.

10) Breaking addictions

CBD is a great alternative to several pharmaceutical products, a great alternative to alcohol for
relaxation, and promotes overall wellness, making it easier to take on challenges. Many
consumers have successfully used CBD and part of their routine to break their serious
addictions and live a better life.

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