Which CBD Product?

CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Sarah Sativa CBD Oils

CBD Oil is made from a dark, smelly cold-pressed oil from hemp plants, usually mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It is called ‘full spectrum’ oil because this method of cold-pressing plants also retains other active cannabinoids in hemp plants, such as CBN, CBG and even trace amounts of THC. These complimentary chemicals help CBD provide more well-rounded systemic effects in the body. The carrier oil allows better control of the dosage, and also makes the oil less strong-tasting and easier to ingest. Most people take this type of oil directly under the tongue, but it’s light taste makes it inoffensive when mixed into food too!


  • Easy to take
  • Light flavour
  • Can be mixed into food
  • Dosage by dropper
  • Nice well-rounded effect


  • Dosage not exact
  • Needs oil or fat in food to mix in well
  • Can’t go in drinks
  • Less strong than other products

CBD Paste

CBD paste IS the dark, smelly cold pressed oil we mentioned in the previous method. This is the oil sold in its raw form without a carrier oil so it appears as a thick, dark paste.

This type of highly concentrated oil has a very strong hemp flavour, so if you don’t like the taste, this is not the product for you! It takes fewer steps to produce this raw product than most of the others listed here, which also means it’s usually cheaper than other products. This could be good if you have the time and know-how to make your own more refined CBD products or foods out of the paste, or are just looking for a cheap, strong, easy product.


  • Highly concentrated = very strong
  • Contains complimentary cannabinoids to aid effect
  • Very flavorful (if you like the taste!)
  • Can be made into other products/ food
  • Taken under the tongue


  • Grittier texture than other products
  • Small differences in dose have a big difference in effect
  • Coats your mouth in oil if taken directly by mouth
  • Offensively strong flavor (if you don’t like the taste)

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules are essentially the same thing as the full-spectrum oil (the lighter one in a carrier oil). The only difference being that with capsules the dosages are pre-measured for you in a gel cap. This can be great for people who want the easiest option available, and don’t want to have to worry about measuring their own doses. The downside to this is, of course,  you can’t take less than is in the capsule, and if you want to up your dose, you can only do so incrementally by taking another capsule.


  • Easiest product to take
  • Exact pre-measured doses
  • No taste


  • Effects come on more slowly
  • Can only change dosage in increments
  • Cannot be added to food/ drinks

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate are pure CBD crystals, concentrated down from pure CBD oil. The process of concentration into crystals removes most of the other active cannabinoids in the product. This means that while CBD isolate likely has a much higher percentage of CBD (up to 99% in an extremely pure product!), it won’t necessarily feel much stronger than oil, paste or capsules, as the other cannabinoids present in those products round out the effect and make it more noticable.


  • Extremely pure product
  • Only CBD without other cannabinoids
  • Most versatile CBD product
  • Completely tasteless


  • Dose can be difficult to control
  • Only CBD without other cannabinoids
  • Can be too strong for beginners

CBD Topicals and Balms

Topical CBD products are designed to be used outside the body. There are new topical products being invented all the time; from lotions and balms to lip glosses, bath balms and even lubricants. If you are trying to find relief for irritated or red skin, stiff or sore muscles, or any other condition which might benefit from a localised product, topicals are a good thing to try first. Topicals can also be a good first CBD product to test out and see if CBD benefits you, especially if you are nervous about full-body effects.


  • On-the-spot relief
  • Doesn’t affect the whole body
  • Not taken orally- no taste
  • Luxurious self care products
  • Can add other beneficial ingredients to boost effect


  • Doesn’t provide full-spectrum benefits
  • A lot of variation in quality of products
  • More expensive than other CBD products
  • Won’t help relieve many internal conditions


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